Severity, Intensity, & Complexity™ (SIC™) Model
SIC Model

CareTracks embeds the most reliable method for evaluating hospital and physician resource utilization. A strong claim, but one that is fully supported by independent peer reviewed research conducted at leading universities and academic medical centers.¹ While all severity systems account for a patient’s single most significant complication or comorbidity (CC), only Comparion’s SIC Model accounts for differences in the patient’s age (intensity) and total number of significant CCs (complexity).

Without a comprehensive clinical adjustment of this type, severity adjustment alone may: misguide improvement efforts, result in inaccurate credentialing activities, alienate the medical staff, jeopardize the quality of care, misrepresent your organization’s true performance to payers and employers, and increase the risk of losing favorable managed care contracts.


¹Research performed by the following organizations supports the finding that in addition to severity of illness, a patient’s age and number of CCs must be accounted for to accurately assess differences in medical practice patterns:

• Beth Israel Hospital (Harvard), Department of Medicine
• Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
• Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health
• McMaster University, Department of Medicine
• University of Colorado School of Medicine
• University of California at San Francisco, Institute for Aging

For more information on research findings, request the article, “Beyond Severity of Illness: Evaluating Differences in Patient Intensity and Complexity for Valid Assessment of Medical Practice Pattern Variation.” Managed Care Quarterly, Fall 2005.