Hospital Competitive Positioning Analysis™

Measures clinically-adjusted hospital performance on total charge per case, departmental charges per case, charge per diem, total cost per case, departmental costs per case, cost per diem, gross margin per case, total gross margin, and length of stay. Risk-adjusted performance is also measured on rates of mortality and complications (medical, post-surgical, and postobstetrical). Includes analysis by service line, MDC, MS-DRG, principal diagnosis and procedure, discharge status, and payer group.



“We believe it’s important for our hospitals to have access to reliable indicators of financial and utilization performance on a comparative basis—not just to local competitors, but also to national benchmarks of top performing providers across the country. Comparion’s flexible software allows us to determine where and how we are able to improve the delivery of cost-effective care in each of our communities.”

Director, Clinical Performance Improvement

Iowa Health System
Des Moines, IA

Iowa Health System (IHS) is a community-based organization of physicians, hospitals, civic leaders, and local volunteers who share a vision of affordable, accessible healthcare. IHS is the largest integrated healthcare system in the state-- serving over 100 communities in Iowa, western Illinois, and eastern Nebraska.