Episode Treatment Groups™


CarePoints relies on Episode Treatment Groups (ETGs)¹ for classifying patients into 1,459 clinically coherent, statistically stable episodes of care. Introduced in 1993, ETGs have become the industry standard for episodic patient classification and, as such, are currently used by purchasers and providers to classify more than 75% of the insured U.S. patient population. Comparion selected ETGs as the basis for measuring physician performance across a variety of care settings based on their:

  • Ability to accurately match a patient’s diagnoses and procedures to appropriate episodes of care
  • Inclusion of all relevant services in episode creation—including ancillary, pharmaceutical, inpatient, and outpatient data
  • Reliance on both diagnostic and procedural information to precisely assign individual services to discrete episodes
  • Use of dynamic clean periods to determine complete episodes for chronic conditions
  • Recognition of the different complications, comorbidities, and treatment indicators that can influence an episode’s costs and utilization


¹Episode Treatment Groups™ (ETGs™) are owned by OPTUM, Inc. and are used under a grant of license. ETGs™ are protected by U.S. Patent Numbers 5,835,897 and 6,370,511. U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.